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  2. How to Tell A Steel Boned and Fashion Acrylic Corset Apart

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    Our last post covered what steel boned corsets and acrylic boned corsets are, and what they are good for, so today we’ll cover two ways to tell them apart so you don’t make the mistake of buying one when you meant to buy the other.

    The two ways you can tell whether the corset…

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  4. Yes yes I know that I just posted like 10 links but I found all of these very helpfully. They answer all the basics questions and need to knows on how to choose, take care, choosing the right type, how to properly lace yourself and the very very importance of breaking in your corset. I can’t stress how important it is if you are planning actually trained on your waist by doing weight training its just like when you get a brand new pair of high heels you gotta break a min wells you get the blisters or you’re just not used to own I hope all is help you out and I’ll give you updates and pictures on my waist training as well. :-)

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